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Pastoral Counseling Center

The Rev. Dr. Gilberto Rosado is available to help you and/or your family members navigate through the challenges of life. With over 45 years of experience in advising and helping individuals with their challenges and in higher development of their problem solving skills, the Rev. Dr. Gilberto Rosado can make the difference in your life and for your family.

He has helped court-referred clients from Queens County Court System in NYC and counseled many as a State-Authorized Psychotherapist in New York State and in Florida as a Clinical Christian Counselor. He is a PrestoExperts expert advisor.

Experience & Qualifications

The Rev. Dr. Gilberto Rosado is an ordained minister with 38 years of experience in pastoral and evangelistic ministry. He is Pastor at The Sheepfold Church, Inc. in Queens New York. The Rev. Dr. Gilberto Rosado is also serving as Global Coaching Coordinator for the Global Church organization. He is an experienced corporate coach, trainer/facilitator and Certified Cognitive Mentor Therapist who has worked with organizations (profit and non- profit) to support them in identifying and tackling their challenges. Reverend Rosado is an attentive listener, who gives a different perspective to perceived barriers. Reverend Rosado is an excellent communicator who has a great sense of humor and the ability to get his message across with clarity. He has the natural ability to recognize the talents and abilities in people and help them see their gifts and use them. He has a strong understanding both of business principles and human behavior. His diverse background, deep knowledge and experience of the coaching process make him a powerful agent of change.

Service Scope Includes the Following:
Marital Issues
Child Comportment
Business / Employment Issues
Study and Academic Success
Sexual Problems
Life Goal Achievement
And other areas.

Rev. Dr. Gilberto Rosado also offers virtual sessions to make it easier for you to benefit from his services remotely and from the comfort of your home or office. We have a very high success rate in general and have never lost a counseled marriage to divorce to date!

The Rev. Dr. Gilberto Rosado accepts donations to the church in lieu of professional fees on a sliding scale basis and we do not accept any form of insurance for privacy reasons.

To Request A Session:
Contact us by using the contact us page here: https://tspci.org/contact-us/
Or make a donation in any amount and include a message that you request counseling services and we will forward your request to the pastor.