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True Shabbat Church Starts On Significant Date

First Shabbat Teaching of the New True Shabbat Church
Started by urgent direction of the Holy Spirit on Saturday 10/27/2018 before knowledge of the Synagogue shooting came to the Pastor’s knowledge.

Noteworthy also, is that according to Chabad.org, the teaching for this day is focused on Abraham’s “righteousness” which is the premise of Gentile faith according to Hebrews 11. It is agreed that Abraham is the Father of Faith and, thereby, the father of all gentile believers who have true faith in God by way of their faith in Jesus.

Parshat Vayeira

“Because I know him,” says G‑d of Abraham in a key passage in the Parshah of Vayeira, “that he will command his children and his household after him that they shall keep the way of G‑d, to do tzedakah and justice.”

Indeed, this week’s Torah reading is replete with examples of Abraham’s tzedakah (commonly translated as “charity,” but actually meaning “righteousness”)—a trait which Abraham cultivated to the extent that it came to define his very identity.

excerpted from: https://www.chabad.org/parshah/in-depth/default_cdo/aid/35873/jewish/Vayeira-In-Depth.htm

Why did God have me start this mission on the very day that something so horrible occurred in a Sabbath observing community?

We believe that YHWH has ordained this ministry to play a vital role in bringing the true understanding of Shabbat to all communities and peoples whom up to now have not been exposed to it truly even though many who observe shabbat believe that they are fulfilling the law of God in this respect.

Simply, the world remains in the dark as to the meaning of Shabbat fostering false ideation, misconceived attitudes of superiority on all sides and the hatred expressed on both sides due to the ignorance.

We note that the shootings started just short of 10:00 am and Pastor Rosado does not monitor TV nor was he on any social media during this morning but was feeling the urgency to begin the Sabbath focused ministry.

I was thinking to myself, “when should we begin this outreach – starting in January 2019 as I had previously calculated? I thought to myself with a feeling of urgency saying, “why shouldn’t I start today?!” I remember clearly. And because I felt it compelling without any knowledge of what was or had gone on in Pittsburgh earlier, I decided to start this ministry today! And only after I concluded the teaching as I refreshed my phone’s periscope app, did I see some news about a synagogue shooting specifically on either Lookner’s Agenda-Free TV news stream or one of the major broadcast stations leveraging periscope where anyone can look at to see when I joined the stream to learn about what had happened earlier. (These details are added to show proof that I really was unaware of what was going on when I felt the great urgency to begin a ministry that was set in my mind to be launched in 2019).

We take note the numbers of the date as significant:
(1+0) + (2+7) + (2+0+1+8) = 21 = 2+1=3
10 = Complete
2+7 = 9 = Transformation / Change
2018 = 11 Missing realization / fulfillment

When Judas killed himself he left the 12 disciples of Christ (representing the 12 tribes) missing one disciple (its fulfillment / realization). This is the way Christ left the teachings of His church and ministry to Israel. The missing disciple would be replaced by Matthias qualified by having been present for Christs ministry and the resurrection and ascension.

But what meaning is there in that of the 12 tribes (representation) Jesus was betrayed (given up) creating a missing “part” to the whole. Is there a message the Father may be making with this scenario – after all, having Judas in the place of Matthias (standing outside the group but looking on and then betraying Jesus) would have accomplished the same thing in the end, wouldn’t it have?

There is significance that YHWH had Judas as “one of the 12” representing fully the 12 Tribes of Israel and everything that Israel particularly represents to the world!

Also, that he was replaced after Jesus’ ascension and that Paul was called for the Gentiles!

Which would make Paul the 13th in the number of significant witnesses 1+3 = 4 – Established

And in the total “called” then 14 = 7+7 and 5 = authority / domination and with Barnabas 15 = 1+5 = 6 < number for man as the Gospel is for all man(6).

Here is the teaching delivered on this Shabbat: