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Ways Your Church Can Join Us!

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We have three (3) ways of joining our ministry and church council.

1 – As an integrated church.

2 – As an affiliated church.

3 – As an associated church.


1 – Integrated Church:
An Integrated Church is a church that is completely under the control and governance of the executive body of this organization.  It is the same as if our organization had gone to your city and planted a church there – it is our own church plant and the church is controlled by the head church.

Why would an established church want to give up its autonomy to our executive board?  Simply, there are many good reasons.

  • to ensure that the church survives.
  • your church will receive our fullest training, teaching support and be our representative in your city / country fully.
  • to receive the full benefits enjoyed by our churches.
  • we offer a better system for church growth and asset acquisition.
  • our organization will prioritize the needs of your local church.
  • our pastors earn a salary.
  • ministers and their families enjoy many benefits including college tuition and health benefits.
  • church members receive many benefits, access to our University, Employment & Business assistance, and other assistance.
  • many more benefits.

2 – Affiliate Church:
An Affiliated Church is a church that maintains its own autonomy and directs itself in all matters. If you are aware of the Assemblies of God, we operate the same way with the churches in this class.  The main difference from the integrated church option is that ministers do not receive salaries from us, some of the benefits are discounted so affiliated churches do not receive the same amount of benefits than our integrated churches do.  Church members do receive benefits which are also reduced in comparison to those that integrated church members receive.

3 – Associated Church:
Associated churches are simply clients to us.  The church applies for courses, training, workshops and resources which we offer to other churches, NGOs, organizations and businesses of all types.  This class is not purely a religious association and there is no obligation between you and us – simply, you decide what you want to use from our resources and usually there are fees associated with each resource.  The only “benefit” you receive is that you will get at least a monthly newsletter and from time to time some invitations to meetings, online workshops and discounts to our regular programs.