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Updated List of Degrees Announced For Arithmetai University

In our continued development of our university, we are happy to announce the latest list of degrees that our ministry is duly authorized to confer upon our students spanning the globe.

Together with our degree completion and portfolio assessment assistance program helping students with uncompleted degree pursuits to finally obtain their academic goals and empowering many to continue onward unto higher degrees and calling preparedness for the Glory of God and for the servicing of mankind well into the future, these expanded academic offerings will give our students wider capacities for effective ministry and social intervention in our rapidly transforming social context.

Curriculum and registration details will periodically be released and made available at our university website at: http://arithmetaiuniversity.org

Associate in Biblical Studies
Associate in Christian Counseling
Associate in Christian Education
Associate in Christian Ministry
Associate in Church Administration
Associate in Church School Administration
Associate in Ministry
Associate in Pastoral Ministry
Associate in Practical Ministry
Associate in Sacred Theology
Associate of Theological Studies
Associate of Scriptural Arts
Associate of Scriptural Science
Associate in Cognitive Mentoring Therapy Science
Associate in Cognitive Mentoring Therapeutic Arts

Bachelor of Church Administration
Bachelor of Christian Counseling
Bachelor of Christian Education
Bachelor of Christian Ministry
Bachelor of Divinity
Bachelor of Ministry
Bachelor of Pastoral Ministry
Bachelor of Pastoral Counseling
Bachelor of Pastoral Theology
Bachelor of Practical Ministry
Bachelor of Religious Education
Bachelor of Sacred Theology
Bachelor of Theology
Bachelor of Scriptural Arts
Bachelor of Scriptural Science
Bachelor in Cognitive Mentoring Therapy Science
Bachelor in Cognitive Mentoring Therapeutic Arts

Master of Church Administration
Master of Christian Counseling
Master of Christian Education
Master of Christian Ministry
Master of Divinity
Master of Pastoral Counseling
Master of Practical Ministry
Master of Pastoral Ministry
Master of Pastoral Theology
Master of Religious Education
Master of Sacred Theology
Master of Theological Studies
Master of Theology

Doctor of Canon Law
Doctor of Christian Counseling
Doctor of Christian Education
Doctor of Divinity
Doctor of Ministry
Doctor of Missiology
Doctor of Pastoral Education
Doctor of Religious Education
Doctor of Sacred Theology
Doctor of Theology
Doctor of Philosophy in Religious Education
Doctor of Philosophy in Religious Studies
Doctor of Philosophy in Theological Studies

HONORARY DEGREES: LE, CBP, other requirements announced to candidates.
Graduate of Divinity
Graduate of Ministry
Graduate of Theology



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