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Support Compassion House!

A Ministry for Foster, Adoption and Community Children –
Cared For Under Our Exclusive Life-Changing
Cognitive Mentoring Method.

Our Method & Ministry Is Successful
Our exclusive cognitive mentoring method helps improve a child’s chances for success in life with little or no ill-effect of their unfortunate life history to impact on the rest of their lives.  Our kids have won chess tournaments (city-wide), some who were failing school all together have turned around and they were promoted with their class.  One child had never done any essay assignments during the year.  He came to us in April and in May the teachers told the parent he would not be promoted.  We were successful in persuading the school to allow him to make up the work – but they gave him only till the end of the month.  With our therapy and some motivation, that child did the rest!  One night even after we told him that is was enough – go to bed!  He insisted on finishing the last two assignments!  He was featured at a university graduation ceremony and at school – he passed!  Even the school administrators, teachers and school psychologist saw the great change the child had demonstrated since April (when he first started with our after-school initiative).  Another great success in our hands!  Our children turn their lives around because we care and we know how to help them.  We even teach parents how to help their own children.

Compassion House restores self-worth to each child under our care and helps them overcome any and all obstacles that are present or may occur in their lives.  For more information on how our program helps these children, read about Cognitive Mentoring, here.  Also read about the CMT Bus Program which utilizes a mobile outreach version of the Compassion House methodology, here.

What Do We Need?
Our organization (The Sheepfold Pentecostal Church, Inc. Assemblies of God) is 501(c)3 registered and all donations are 100% tax-deductible with the IRS.

Other than human help: volunteers (fundraising), promote us on the web, grant writing and procurement, and lend us your big name as one of our board members, we also need……. 

Gift-Wrapped House With Red Bow --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Gift-Wrapped House With Red Bow — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Real Estate: In every State of the U.S. and abroad!
We know that there are so many that need our help and intervention.  Without a facility to serve them, we will never be able to reach them!

1.  We need $495,000.00 for our first house in which we started our
program.  We need to purchase it soon so we
need an angel as soon
as possible to put up this money so that Compassion House can
have its first home secured.  Any part of this amount is greatly and
urgently needed and appreciated!

2.  We need one / two family homes in any area donated to our
organization and cause – in any condition / anywhere.

3.  We need apartment buildings in any condition for our treatment
centers, intake and transition services & for apartment-based dwelling units
for our treatment families.

4.  We need some raw land with a building or two and utilities for running
a camp and an internment center for our rehabilitation treatment &
education center (substance abuse, sexual issues treatment & education)

5.  We need repair services to our Houses.

6.  We need building supplies for our donated workman hours.

7.  We need new home furnishings – refrigerators, stoves, washer & dryer, kitchen equipment, furniture for
living and dining rooms, and children’s through young adult bedroom furniture.

Make Cash Donation Toward Compassion House Property Purchase:

If you have any Real Estate to donate – Email Us at sheepfoldchurch@yahoo.com

1.  We need late model 16 passenger vans to transport our kids to their
appointments and schools and for staff to purchase and carry supplies for
Compassion House needs.

     If you have any 16 passenger van (must be in good working order, we cannot
carry children in dangerous vehicles and cannot afford major repair jobs –
thank you
) to donate – Email Us at:  sheepfoldchurch@yahoo.com

We also can make use of charter buses / deluxe coaches in good condition – with
good transmission and engine for our mobile therapy unit and for trips for all of our Compassion House
residents and clients.

     If you have any deluxe coach to donate – Email Us at sheepfoldchurch@yahoo.com

2.  We need insurance and gas monies.

3.  We need repair funding for our vehicles.

In keeping with our therapy standards – each house will need these amenities:
1.    15X24X52 Pool – $3,000.00 installed

Hand Holding Paper Currency ca. 2002

Hand Holding Paper Currency ca. 2002

2.    Pool Play Equipment – $250.00
3.    Sand Box Equipment – $50.00
4.    Toys for all ages groups – $500.00 yearly
5.    Wide Screen TV For Each House – $4,500.00
6.    Smaller TV for Kid’s Rooms – $250.00
7.    Basketball Hoop & Equipment – $ 150.00
8.    Varied Sports Equipment – $500.00
9.    Board Games – $200.00
10.  Video Game Equipment & Game Cartridges – $300.00
11.  Notebooks and other school supplies – $650+ per house/year.