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Open Bible on a Church Pew

Open Bible on a Church Pew

Please email us for more details.  We are based in NYC – USA.  If your group is outside the five boroughs, we ask that you make and pay for all travel, food  & lodging arrangements associated with fulfilling your request.


  • Evangelism In The Style of Jesus of Nazareth.   [Fee Level – E]


This eight (8) hour fully customizable and brandable conference/seminar focuses on the specific evangelistic method that Jesus Christ patterned for His church.  It challenges the believer to reassess their commitment to greatest of all commandments – The Great Commission!

Many attendees to these conferences report a life changing experience that catapults them into a higher and deeper relationship with the Lord and His Salvation Plan.  No church should go without this seminar that leaves no stone unturned and no individual (man, woman and child) un-moved toward winning souls for Christ!

Expect the following fruit to be had:

1. In The Congregation: 

     a. Spiritual renewal of the congregation.

     b. Greater human and spiritual maturity.

     c. Becoming disciples, not only believers.

     d. Becoming evangelists – disciple makers simultaneously.

     e. Becoming salt and light in every structure of society.

    f. Ambassadors of the Father, of Jesus and the church.

     g. Increasing in quality and quantity.

2. For the Non-Believer:

     a. Encountering Jesus and becoming new people.

     b. To become disciples who reproduce themselves in others.

     c. Becoming evangelists – disciple makers in all the environments

         where we spend our time.

3. To Society

     a. Better children, spouses, parents, work-mates, neighbors, citizens, etc.

     b. More unity and happiness in the home.

     c. Better environments.

     d. A society that possesses justice, truth, peace and love.


  • Transforming Your Church Into A Learning Church. [Fee Level – E]   
  • Cognitive Mentoring Therapy In Discipleship. [Fee Level – E]


  • Positioning The Church For Internet & Real World Fundraising Networking. [Fee Level – E]   




  • Becoming the Man God Created You to Be
  • Men Discipling Men


  • Becoming The Woman God Created You to Be
  • Women Discipling Women


  • Become the Person God Created You To Be
  • Youth Discipling Youth


  • How To Start An Effective Children’s Service Ministry
  • How to Start and Maintain A Daycare / After-School  Ministry
  • Certificate Course: Child Cognitive Mentor Therapist


Love & Relationships Series:

  • What Is Love
  • True Love
  • Love & Respect


Love & Relationships Series:

  • What Is Love
  • True Love
  • Love & Respect
  • Starting a Rosado Marriage Maintenance Institute In Your Church

Booking Information

Two-Day Workshop (Weekend), All-Day Conference, or Three Night (or Day) Seminars

Speaker’s Fee:

Level A – $10,000.00

Level B – $ 7, 500.00
Level C – $ 5,000.00
Level D – $ 2,500.00
Level E – $    500.00 – $2,000 (usually based on number of participants).

Level F – $ FREE (although travel, lodging and food expenses need to be provided for by client).

How to Book?
Email Us: arithmetaiuniversity@yahoo.com
Provide name of organization sponsoring the event, full address of organization and contact information, conference or topic requested, proposed dates, location of event, information about other organizations or groups you plan to invite or are participating, number of participants expected, free or paid admission, projected promotional activities for event / seminar.

We will respond with availability and reservation particulars.

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