TSPCI.ORGHome of the Sheepfold Pentecostal Church & ICCCMC

Our Values

The Saved do the Will of God. To teach, counsel and preach to others is our responsibility and daily preoccupation until Christ returns.

Every Child of God IS the church.  Every member participates actively in the ministry of the church which is to disciple, pray and support one another, the Pastor, and the work of God – which is OUR church and OUR mission. We shall work together – all of us, hand in hand with the Pastor and the leadership of this church. Each leader will maintain a family and participative atmosphere in any and all actions and activities.

We shall maintain a POSITIVE spirit always in our services and in relation to the well being of each member.
The problem of one is the problem of all. The blessing of one is the blessing of all. We shall have everything in common. Communicate!

And all that believed were together, and had all things in common… Acts 2:44