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Independent Contractor Services For Churches!

The Rev. Dr. Gilberto Rosado is available to help pastors and ministries achieve their goals for it’s membership and mission.

With over 48 years in the Church and 38 years in full time ministry, Rev. Rosado can help your church and ministry become equipped and viable as a major force for the Gospel of Christ in the world today and for tomorrow!

If you’re not online and streaming your ministry, you are just not fulfilling Christ’s command:

Matthew 28:19 King James Version (KJV)
19 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:

Many people are attending church now through social media and online streaming venues. Additionally, some TV and Cable Networks are using streamed church services and sermons as content for their network subscribers. Simply, your ministry needs to be available and get seen through the Internet as soon as possible!

I will TRAIN YOUR members to make your ministry easily accessible via online streaming.  I can conduct training sessions, seminar/workshops or do one on one training and get your staff or volunteers ready to get the ministry online and to troubleshoot any issues that may arise from time to time.

Do you have a vision to start a school or college for your church and community? We can help you with guidance, staff training and course content / curriculum to get your school up and running almost immediately. While you get started and throughout the school year, you can further define and shape the future of your school according to your vision and mission.

When you retain us for this project, we help with courses, delivery, fund raising, legal requirements, and other details required for yor school to be duly recognized and accredited.

If your church just needs more financial support in order to carry on in its mission, we have a wide variety of funding options for you and your organization to implement.  Whether you seek a few thousand more a month or need a bulk amount for a large project, we can help your church develop a comprehensive plan which involves all your membership in meaningful cooperation that will achieve your organization’s goals.

Is your church looking into developing a fully supported missions program? Our solutions will help:
1 – Equip Mission Staff.
2 – Prepare Church Membership.
3 – Fund Your Missions Effort.

Nothing better that reaching the community with helpful programs that make a difference!
– Employment / Job Training
– Entrepreneurial / Extra Income Training
– Marital Resources
– Family Resources
– Parenting Resources
– Academic Improvement Resources

Why not do something only one or two others churches are doing (at best)! Fill your church with newly helped families and begin to expand your ministry today!

We will provide guidance, support and train your membership and staff. Your church can become the most important resource for your community. Where else will they turn to when they need help? The church that helps is the church that grows and is doing what the church in Acts did!

For every budget I can customize a social media domination strategy that will create the buzz, interest and generate interest and new visitors to your church. A typical program will take up to six months to maturate. Call for information!

I have co-brandable events and services that can bring new members and visitors to your door. By co-branding and working with me, we can develop an effective church growth event schedule to benefit your church ministries. Events are in the Marital Relationship Enhancement, Self-Improvement / Success, Life Coaching, Parenting, Business / Internet Marketing, Fund Raising, Non-Profit Consulting, and a few others we can customize and adapt for your church’s and community’s needs. I can also put together events with other experts and in other topics that may be more germane to your mission. Combined with our other social media and network building skills, we can create a winning marketing strategy with results!

With our professional, stable and reliable hosting services, our over 48 years in church and 38 years in ministry as well as a global website network (with owners from as far as the Philippines) there is no one better to have handle your website needs and hosting. We not only create effective websites, but we create websites with traffic generation services bundled with it (this means that we create unique websites that PREACH & REACH your community 24 / 7 days a week!

If you already have a website, we can move it to our hosting servers for your site to then be converted into a website that promotes the Gospel and your church’s programs and events 24 / 7 days a week!

What good is a website or church with no one visiting it or benefiting from it?

Imagine how effectively your church can minister and reach your community with a well produced TV Show!  Commercials, infomercials, programs, documentaries, entertainment shows, in HD and in the latest 4K format.  Professional movie making staff is available upon request to make your production a reality.

Whatever your video need, we can handle it. Our services are currently used by a National TV Network and an online global university for educational content. Our 4K staff works mainly in Miami, Florida and is producing shows for commercial television and, at this time, they are developing a movie for major distribution.

Reach your community now through Local TV & Video!

We have a full array of DVD / CD & FLASH DRIVE production equipment available. We can create your productions, burn them to disk or flash drives, mass produce with full color and full coverage on disk printing. Packaging and fulfillment is also available.

Bring your ministry into the 21st Century for the Glory of God and His Kingdom’s sake!

Years of experience owning and operating my own printing concern in Queens, NY, I am your adviser for all your print media needs. Even if you’re on a budget, you shouldn’t cut your face off to spite your nose. Most churches destroy their image by cutting corners – when you cut corners. you’re cutting the effectiveness of your message.

Let me help you do it right and within your budget!

Between my video services and experience broadcasting almost nightly now on the Internet, I can help your church ministry communicate to the masses! I can put your church’s production on Facebook and, with our social media services, in front your target audience!

Our broadcast studio is available for the recording of your broadcasts and airing. I can also help your organization set up a broadcast studio or set up and optimize your sanctuary for quality online streaming and full church ministry affordably while creating the necessary Internet-based logistics required for your ministry success – video is the number one way to reach your community and the many souls that need your message!

So why not put all of this to work for your church and ministry today!