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CD-A-Month Club – Support The Hungry Children!

$20 / Month
Join us in supporting the hungry children of Colombia, Panama, Venezuela, Pakistan and other countries!


Image5Group of “Guajira” Indian children and some adults as they are fed and later they will be given a class and will sing together. The children love our ministry and the food that we bring is of great nutritional and emotional value. We are also in need of opening an educational center in these areas where our special and exclusive cognitive mentoring can be applied to the most needy children of Colombia / Panama.

Image4Group of our children in Sta. Marta suburbs (northern Colombia) gathered at one of our education and feeding centers. These children live in an impoverished state with little or no hope of having a square meal every day.

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with The Rev. Gilberto Rosado

Psychotherapist, Professor, World-wide Conference Speaker, Founder: SEA International – Feeding Children both Physically and Mentally. Senior Pastor of the Sheepfold Pentecostal Church, Inc./ Iglesia Pentecostal El Redil, Inc.

World Black Church for Power, Progress and Peace – WBCP

A monthly teaching that will clarify the mysteries of this life and the one to come. You’ll learn science, psychology, marriage counsels, wisdom for living, Bible, theology, about Angels, DNA, what is Love, sex issues, how to control your children, how to educate your children, how to be successful in life and business. Hear them and see for yourself!